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The Year 2000 Date Crisis effects more than just computers. There are other areas to consider. Below is a list of items that may be date sensitive that we must take into consideration for the Year 2000. You can also Click Here to see a listing of items that have been found to be non-compliant.

PBX Systems

Security Systems

Environmental Systems


Cellular Phones

Cash Registers/POS Systems
Sent in by: aceracer@carol.net

Paper Shredders??
(This is a wry comment on the fact that EVERYTHING apparently has to be certified as Year-2000 compliant!!)
Sent in by: jgray@lombard.co.uk

Sent in by: jgray@lombard.co.uk

Fax Machines
Sent in by: jgray@lombard.co.uk

Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation
Sent in by: wrrich@inland.com

Automotive Manufacturing Robots
Sent in by: wrrich@inland.com

Some types of Microwave Ovens
Sent in by: wrrich@inland.com

Medical Monitoring Equipment
Sent in by: wrrich@inland.com

Military Equipment, example Nuclear and Conventional Warhead's targeting and firing computers
Sent in by: draco@indy.net

Sent in by: morsys@tiac.net

Time lock safes
Sent in by: RAytoun@saeagle.co.za

Commercial Transportation & Construction Equipment
Sent in by: aceracer@carol.net

Shareware Software (expiration date)
Sent in by: arvisneg@yesic.com

Plant Process Equipment Containing PLC's
Sent in by: clarkjs@pilot.msu.edu

Traffic Light Systems
Sent in by: ttg@netvigator.com

Facility management Systems
Sent in by: dwinch@earthlink.net

Plant processing equipment containing PLC's
Sent in by: gbienek@thenett.com

On board automobile computers
Sent in by: mkleinosky@y2kegypt.com

Automatic Teller Machine
Sent in by: prasetya@bu.astra.co.id

Automatic Voice Response (AVR) System
Sent in by: prasetya@bu.astra.co.id

The Global Phone Network
Sent in by: rlutener@edm.shaw.wave.ca

Certain types of wrist watches
Sent in by: r5147c@email.sps.mot.com

Telephone systems (office)
Sent in by: dcc@spectranet.ca

Power Companies,Gas, Electricity,Sewer, and Water.
Sent in by: bzrd@teknetwork.com

Network Routers Bridges and Firewalls
Sent in by: netdreamz@rtable.com

Sent in by: jsostrom@dnaco.net

Air Traffic Control System
Sent in by: jenar@nichols.com

Safety Shutdown Systems
Sent in by: jenar@nichols.com

Airplane Navigation Computer
Sent in by: jenar@nichols.com

Commercial and Government Alarm Systems
Sent in by: RPyle42381@aol.com

Control Panels for Oil Pipelines
Sent in by: RPyle42381@aol.com

Control Systems for Deep Sea Oil Rigs
Sent in by: RPyle42381@aol.com

Trucking Distribution Systems for Food, etc.

Railroad Distribution Networks

Vendor Credit Cards
Sent in by: linda@penguin.ca

Weather Monitoring Systems
Sent in by: Fdzerzhinsky@tusovka.com

Air Pollution Control Systems
Sent in by: angledge@yahoo.com

SEGA Saturn Game Console
Sent in by: phuang@YeeHaa.com

Control units for house/building heating

Chemtrols - pool chemical dispensing devices
Sent in by: jhinton@rec.tamu.edu

Voice Mail Systems
Sent in by: DDeVelvis@SidneyOH.com

Time Clocks at the Workplace
Sent in by: kdcd10@aol.com

Electronic Organizer

Credit Card Authorization Devices
Sent in by: elogan56@aol.com

Electronic Watthour Meters (Time of Use Meters)
Sent in by: wjohnson@bluebon.net

Exercise equipment
Sent in by: admvlass@aol.com

Communication Satellites (military & civilian)
Sent in by: arthur_linardos@student.uml.edu

Sent in by: marasong@hotmail.com

Hearing Aids
Sent in by: snip@snip.org.uk

If you have anything you would like to add to the list concerning Year 2000 Date sensitive equipment that we haven't thought of, let us know.

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