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Many people have asked me what my views are on Y2K. Although I feel there is no reason for a panic, I do believe that one should prepare in a modest way for the year 2000. I do not believe that people should live in caves and eat beetles to survive Y2K, nor should we make a stampede to the bank and take out all our money.

I do believe, however, that we all will be inconvenienced in some way form or fashion. Some electricity may go off for a day or two. Flights at the airport may be detained for a short while and checks from the government may be a little slower in coming when January 1, 2000 comes.

As if a storm were coming to our area, we should prepare for what might happen. The following is a list of things the Hilliard Household will be doing to prepare for Y2K:

First: I'll be buying a generator (5000 watts or higher) so that if the electricity does go off for several days, I can power my refrigerator and maybe some other small appliances. I will be purchasing enough fuel to last two or three days. I firmly believe that electricity will continue to flow even after January 1, 2000, but because some electric companies may not be totally Y2K compliant, this could effect what electricity is available to the grid. I believe that some areas will experience some problems, but most of us will have electricity. If it turns out that I don't need to use the generator, I can always use it for camping in the future.

Second: I'll be stocking up on various items such as food, candles, drinking water, firewood and batteries. I won't be stocking a supply to last a lifetime, just enough to last a week or two. In case nothing happens, we will always eat the extra food, drink the water and burn the candles later.

Third: I won't be planning any trips for January 1, 2000 or even that week and I don't plan on getting sick, although sometimes it's hard to control the later. I trust the airlines and hospitals, but I want to give them some time to make sure their systems work.

Fourth and last: I will keep a positive attitude about Y2K and I will not panic! That is the worst thing anyone can do. Did we panic when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? Did we panic when Hitler tried to take over the world? Did we panic when Kennedy was assassinated or when Iraq invaded Kuwait? Panic was the farthest thing from our minds. We met these "challenges" head on and dealt with them. We will do the same for Y2K. Our lives will be inconvenienced somewhat, but our lives, as we know it, will continue running the same just as it has before January 1, 2000.

I'd like to know how you feel.
What are your plans for Y2K?

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