Hill Country Tour - September, 2002

In September of 2002, me and two friends of mine, Dale McCorkle and Larry Stivers, decided to take a bike camping trip to the Texas Hill Country. This was my second time to make the trip and I was excited. The following pictures and write-up, chronicles the trip.

Our trip began on Friday morning, September 20th. I trailered my bike "Paladin" down to Larry's house the night before we left to go to the Hill Country. Dale came to Larry's that same evening. I trailered mainly because it was raining and I didn't want to wait until late that evening to get started. This picture is a shot of Dale and Larry riding in front of my pickup on our way to Garner State Park on Friday morning.

We camped in Garner State Park which is just South of Leakey, Texas. Dale and Larry are seen here checking out a fan problem with Larry's V65.

While Dale and Larry were looking at Larry's bike, I unloaded Paladin from the trailer and took this shot of him taking it easy in the shade.

Another shot of our campsite with the hills in the background. Dale continues to take a look at Larry's bike. Dale's bike, "Bronson", is the red one on the right.

After we arrived at Garner State Park and pitched camp, we decided to go riding for as long as there was sunlight left. Here is a shot of Dale and Larry while we were stopped along a scenic part of Hwy. 336 a few miles out of Leakey.

Pictures don't do the Hill Country justice. I tried to get several shots of the beautiful countryside.

The Hill Country features many low areas in the roads. Instead of bridges being built over creeks and rivers, the Hill Country features water bridges. Each water bridge has a flood gauge.

This is a wide shot of our camp. We decided to camp under a big cedar tree. We camped in the newer part of the park due to the older part being closed due to flood damage from July.

While riding along Hwy. 337 (which, by the way, is the most scenic road in the Hill Country), we stopped at a roadside park at the top of a hill. Many other motorcyclists had the same idea.

During our ride on Saturday, we traveled through Medina, Texas. Here we stopped, gassed up and drank a coke at a service station. While we were there, several groups of bikes came in.

One of our favorite things to do while we are in the Hill Country, is to visit "Stone Henge" located in Hunt, Texas.

I had Dale take these pics of me just to prove I was on the trip.

Good dart throwing material.

In conclusion, I must say that the Hill Country never disappoints me. I really enjoy riding in the Hill Country. If you can make a trip there, be sure to ride Hwy. 337 from Medina to Leakey, and Hwy. 336 from Leakey to Camp Wood.

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