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Previously Owned Motorcycle
Honda Magna

Previously Owned Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle
Previously Owned Kawasaki Nomad Motorcycle

1983 Honda Magna VF750 V4 (Owned 1997-2001)

I bought this motorcycle in September of 1997 and sold it in August of 2001. It's nickname was "Maverick". Although I loved the bike, I experienced minor problems with the engine. Afterall, the bike was over 20 years old. I installed quite a few accessories and repainted it from a Wineberry color to Black.

I cut my teeth on this bike, learning the in's and out's of riding and handling of a motorcycle. I'll always be grateful that this bike was patient with me. I sold it because I wanted a newer bike that could handle the trips I was planning on taking.

1998 Honda Magna 750 V4 (Owned 2001-2005)

I bought this motorcycle in July of 2001 and sold it in September of 2005. I nicknamed this bike, "Paladin" and put over 22,000 miles on it riding to various states. It was an excellent bike, handled very well, but was a little small for the open road. I prematurely wore out the sprockets and chain on the drivetrain.

On September 17th, 2005, Paladin was officially sold to Linda Sue Peaker, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Linda decided rather than have Paladin shipped to her, she would fly to Texas, come to Lindale and pick up Paladin and ride him all the way back to Vancouver...solo! And to make the trip even more interesting, she decided to make the trip back a fundraiser for the non-profit Hospice that she works for. I feel good in knowing that Paladin has a good home. Linda Sue bought an excellent bike and I know she will take care of Paladin.

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Trip Reports on Honda Magna (October 2001 to April 2005)

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