by Robert E. Hilliard

East Texas is filled with some of the best roads in the state. The trees and foliage are unsurpassed for motorcycle riding.
That is why I decided to come up with a Top Five listing for the Eastern half of Texas:

Robert Hilliard's
Top Five East Texas Roads

1.) "The Golden Road", FM 779 from South of Quitman to Golden and onto Highway 515.
Turn right on 515, then right on 17 South to 182. Turn left onto 182 merging into 154 into Quitman.

2.) "The Jefferson Run", Highway 155 out of Gilmer then on FM 2796. At Highway 259 turn North
then get onto Highway 729 into Jefferson.

3.) "The Providence Road", FM 16W from Lindale to Garden Valley, North on FM 1253
then West on FM 857 through Providence to Grand Saline.

4.) "The Poyner Byway", FM 315 South from Chandler to Palestine.

5.) "Ride Through Perryville", TX 852 Southeast from Winnsboro to Gilmer.