The SMOzarks Arkansas Trip

True story...While riding our bikes, a group of us pulled off to the side of the road near downtown Mountain View, Arkansas. While we were talking about our ride, we noticed we had parked in front of a house and the homeowner was making his way out the front door to his car. Thinking our parked bikes might be in his way, I asked, "Are we in your way?". He replied, "No! You're in ARK - IN - SAW!!!".

In June of 2002, several of us made a bike camping trip to Mountain View, Arkansas to attend a SabMag gathering. In attendance from SMOT were: Dale McCorkle, Gary Brooks, Chris Happ, Larry Stivers, Wayne Willcox, me and various others. The hills of Northern Arkansas were beautiful and filled with great riding. The following pictures chronicle the event.          - Robert Hilliard


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