Talimena Scenic Drive
by Trip Hilliard

On October 10, 11 and 12, 2003, several of us from MOOT took a trip to Mena, Arkansas to ride the Talimena Scenic Highway that runs between Mena, Arkansas and Talihena, Oklahoma. All of us left at various times on Friday, October 10 and we were all to meet up that evening. The following pictures chronicle the event:

Greg Cothern, Lowell Yoder, Bob Barram and myself met up at highway 37 and I-30 near Mt. Vernon, Texas. We then traveled through Idabel, Oklahoma and then on to Mena, Arkansas. We stayed at the Quachita Mountain Hideaway located just South of Mena. After we arrived at the cabin, I took some pics of us and our bikes.

Bob Barram

Lowell Yoder

Greg Cothern

Robert Hilliard and "Paladin"

Our cabin for the next two nights...2400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, TV and satellite...we really roughed it!

The cabin also had a two-car garage where we spent most of each night talking and wrenching.

A shot from the front of the cabin looking Northwest.

Looking West.

That evening, we all traveled up highway 88 out of Mena up to the Queen Wilhelmina State Park and Lodge. 13 miles of very nice road. Here is Bob and Lowell getting off their steeds.

Greg, Bob and Lowell.

The next morning, Saturday, October 11th, I took some artsy-fartsy shots around the cabin.

Here is a shot of BJ Fazio walking around outside checking things out. BJ joined us late Friday afternoon and stayed at the cabin with us.

Bob and Lowell in the kitchen.

The living room.

A shot of BJ, Lowell and Bob from the living room into the kitchen. I think I hear Greg still snoring in the front bedroom. LOL.

Saturday morning we ate and were making our way to Highway 1, when we ran into Troy Curtis and his party. Troy had come in very late the night before. He decided to make a trip to the cabin, drop off his things and join us at the Queen Wilhelmina lodge for the Highway 1 ride. So, on our way to the lodge, Greg, Lowell, Bob, BJ and myself decided to stop at one of the vistas and take a picture. This pic is the "magic" picture. I took two different pics one with me and one without and "graphically" super-imposed BJ in one of the pics.

The Quachita Mountain valley.

After a while, Troy Curtis, Tim Wines (2002 Honda VTX) and Neil Sparks (1986 Honda Shadow) arrived to meet us at the lodge. Here is Troy and his V65 Magna.

Are we ready to ride Highway 1?

Who wants to lead?

A shot of Highway 1 running along the tops of the hills.

During the ride we stopped at various vistas to look and take pictures.

On our way back to Mena, AR., we stopped at Cedar Lake.

Here we are stopped at the last vista before arriving in Mena. Several of the guys decided to ride the last 13 miles in a "spirited" way. The rest of us took our time taking in the beauty before darkness set in.

Somebody save Bob before he falls off the cliff! LOL.

Hitting the twisties going back to Mena.

The last straight-a-way before arriving in Mena.

Downtown Mena, Arkansas at dusk.

I enjoyed meeting BJ, Troy, Tim Wines and Neil Sparks on the trip. As always, it was a pleasure seeing everyone.

If you ever get a chance, ride Highway 1. It's well worth the effort.

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